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I love doing hair extensions and have been  offering them for years. They create t stunning looking results for all hair types and goals. Since offering this method, I have been able to provide amazing, life changing results for my clients with extensions.

My focus with extensions is to build your inner confidence.  This could be done by adding in a a small amount of hair  for thickness or your can go for it giving you that mermaid hair.  Let’s find what works for your hair and lifestyle!



This my most popular method and it is done by creating a “track” with beads + thread. The color matches “wefts” of hand tied hair are layered onto the track.  Then, the wefts are sewn onto the track, creating a “row”. One to four “rows” are installed based on the end goal.

I offer two types of sew in options to give you the best results. My attention to detail and continued education is what sets me apart.  Every client receives a truly custom set of extensions. They are matched to your hair color, placed and cut to give a seamless appearance. 


What you need

to know?

-No messy glue/adhesive bonds
-Minimal points of contact to your

natural hair
-Customized in thickness, length and color
-For all hair types
-Human Remy hair is used
-Treat them like your natural hair
-Hair can last up to 9-12months before replacing
-Reset/maintenance appointments are every

6-10 weeks
-You can wear your hair up!
-recommended hair products must be used


This is estimated pricing based on length of extension hair installed. Please schedule a hair extension consultation for a detailed quote.


(cost of hair extensions, install, cut

and style)

12" Length $350-750

14” Length $450-850
16” Length $500-950
20” Length $600-1,200


Remove and Reset the extension rows every 6-10 weeks
(includes shampoo, blow dry, reset and style)

One row $210
Two rows $315
Three rows $395
Four rows $460

For more information on my extension methods visit

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